When you get a new roof, you are not just replacing the roof shingles. You need a complete roofing system with the perfect mix of curb appeal and protection. The Luso Roofing preferred roofing system is a wide range of roofing system products to give you peace of mind. With roofing products and services that are designed to work together; you’re choosing a new roof with reinforced coverage and protection from the harsh weather elements. 

Before installing the new roof, we remove the old roof shingles and roofing materials down to the deck. We then evaluate the roof deck for damage and make necessary wood retrofit and roof repairs. Once the roof repairs are complete, we start with roofing accessory components for the new roof.

First comes the ice and water protector, which is a self-sealing underlayment that adheres to the wooden roof deck. This material seals around nail penetrations. It also protects around eaves, rakes, and vulnerable roof areas such as valleys and flashing areas. It provides an extra layer of protection from wind, ice and snow that may try to penetrate your roofing system. 

Second, the next component to install is the roofing underlayment. It is rolled and fastened to the roof deck. There are many types of underlayments available such as black felt tar paper. However, modern synthetic underlayment provides important benefits for installers and homeowners. Synthetic underlayment forms a secondary leakproof barrier. In addition to the roofing shingles installed above it, underlayments shield the roof deck from weather damage until the roof shingles can be repaired or replaced. Also, synthetic underlayments are safer for our workers to walk on and less prone to damage than traditional black tar paper felt.

Before installing the main shingles, a starter shingle course is applied along the perimeters of the roof near the eaves and rakes. They help create a tight seal of the shingles at the edges of your roof and waterproof the seams in between the first row of shingles. 

After the starter shingles, it is time to install the field shingles. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles, colours, and designs. They provide a beautiful look and style to compliment your home and protect you from the weather. Luso Roofing and Contracting Inc. provides a wide variety of shingles and styles. You can select a traditional, architectural or performance-based roof shingle. 

Another critical component of any well-designed roofing system is a roof that has a balanced ventilation system. A balanced roofing system is made up of both intake and exhaust venting. Balanced ventilation means airflow is kept moving under the roof deck to help prevent premature aging of the wood deck and asphalt roofing shingles. Contact your local building department to find out if your ventilation is to code requirements. 

The final touch to the roof installation is the hip and ridge cap shingles. They are installed to protect your home from leaks and high winds. They are situated in an area of your roof that is extremely vulnerable. In addition, we highly recommend that the hip and ridge cap shingle be hand-nailed with longer roof nails if possible.  

A Luso Roofing preferred roofing system will help protect your home, enhance curb appeal, and boost your property’s value. For more information on how to get a full roofing system installed on your home contact Luso Roofing and Contracting Inc at (647)866-6213.