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Reliable, Professional Roofing Solutions in Toronto. Luso Roofing is the premier roof repair services provider in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in a wide range of roof repair services, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, durable, and efficient roof repairs, tailored to the unique climate challenges of Toronto.

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Our Roof Repair Services

Toronto Shingle Roof Repairs

Are you looking for a Toronto roofing company? With over 30 years of roofing service, Luso Roofing is one of the best roof repair companies in Toronto and the GTA. Our roof experts have the roofing experience and solutions to find roof damage and provide roofing repair services immediately, saving you money and further roof damage.

Here are just some of the Residential Roof Repair Services that we offer:


With over 30 years of flat roof experience in Toronto and the GTA, Luso Roofing and their experts can repair all types of residential, commercial, and industrial flat roofs. Our roofers can inspect your leaky roof, and any other type of damage. We are a Toronto roofing contractor that uses preventative roofing techniques to minimize the wear and tear of your flat roof systems.

A Luso Roofing expert will display the following sequence of events when investigating your flat roof repair call:

  • Investigate the roof problem
  • Offer you the best roof repair solutions
  • Provide effective and cost-saving roofing services to protect your flat roofing system.

Don’t wait for a small issue to become a big problem! Call Luso Roofing today for an expert advise.

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Why Choose Luso Roofing for Your Roof Repair Needs

Shingle roofs face unique challenges due to our diverse weather conditions in Toronto and across the GTA. Luso Roofing specializes in identifying and fixing common shingle roof problems with efficiency and expertise. Here are some of the frequent issues we address:

  • Local Experience

    Our deep understanding of Toronto's weather patterns means we can offer specialized solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Comprehensive Inspections

    We thoroughly assess your roof to identify any issues, ensuring a precise and effective repair strategy.

  • Quality Materials

    Using only the best materials, we ensure your roof repair is not just a fix, but a long-term investment.

  • Diverse Roofing Solutions

    From shingle repairs to flat roof solutions, we handle all types of roof repair needs.

Don't let roof problems escalate! Contact Luso Roofing for reliable and expert roof repair solutions in Toronto and the GTA. Call us now at 647-866-6213 or fill out our online form to get started.


Roof Repair FAQs

What are common signs that my roof needs repairs?

Look for missing or damaged shingles, leaks, water stains on ceilings, or increased energy bills.

How often should roofs in Toronto be inspected?

We recommend at least an annual inspection, especially after severe weather conditions, to maintain roof integrity.

Can you repair roofs during winter?

Yes, our team is equipped to handle roof repairs year-round, addressing any emergency regardless of the season.

What is the average cost of roof repairs in the GTA?

Costs vary based on repair complexity and materials. Contact us for a detailed, no-obligation quote.

How long do roof repairs take?

The duration depends on the extent of damage and repair scope. We aim for efficiency without compromising on quality.

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