Winter is right around the corner and it is always recommended that you get your gutters cleaned in the late fall after all the leaves have fallen. Let’s be honest, one of the do-it-yourself projects that always gets ignored is cleaning the gutters and unclogging the downspouts. Many homeowners wait to get their gutters cleaned until they notice a problem with their eavestrough system. By that time a Roofing Contractor has been called, not only are the gutters being cleaned, but the roofer is being asked to refasten the eaves, repair rotted fascia, and in some cases repair a roof leak! Therefore, keeping them clean is a great way of avoiding gutter repairs and roof-related repairs.

How Do You Maintain Your Eavestrough System?

The whole design of the eavestrough roofing system is to guide rainwater away from your roof, straight down the downspouts/drains and away from your foundation. Many professionals will recommend cleaning them twice a year, however, we recommend at least once a year after the leaves have fallen and before the harsh winter sets in. Many Roofing Companies like Luso Roofing can offer to clean your gutters and de-clog your downspouts if it is something you are not comfortable doing. Another way to maintain your eaves is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards act as a filter, preventing the majority of leaves and debris from entering the eavestrough and downspouts while still channelling the water effectively.

In conclusion, what does maintaining your eavestrough system have to do with roof repairs in Toronto? Quite a bit. Whether you do it yourself or hire a Roofing Contractor to clean your eavestrough system, one thing is for sure they have to be cleaned and maintained regularly.