Depending on where you live, the government has posed restrictions that may affect the way you do business. In many instances, we can tell you that your roof is permitted to be repaired or replaced depending on where you live. Due to the nature of our work of operating outdoors transmitting covid-19 is extremely low. Nevertheless, we still have to communicate with our customers and there are several ways to go about safely doing business.  

Use Technology to Communicate Remotely

There are many different ways of communicating with customers without putting them at risk. Some of the common forms of digital technologies that we use to communicate with customers are email, SMS, video chat, and audio chat. These forms of communication keep the lines of communication open without entering the building or breaking social distancing protocols.

Estimates are Completed Outdoors

While you are safe in your house we can go on your roof and take measurements for a detailed roof estimate. We provide plenty of detailed documentation digitally that makes the process safe. Also, we can make safe exceptions for customers who are not as technology savvy. 

Work Being Documented While Indoors

When the work is being completed we like to digitally document our work before and after. With mobile technology, we have the opportunity to send pictures and videos to our customers. This not only keeps you updated on how the process is going but also serves as historical documentation in case you need to come back to it in the future. 

In conclusion, you can be assured peace of mind in that great customer service and workmanship can still be enjoyed during the pandemic.