It is never fun to go through the experience of having a roof leak. In today’s blog, we go over some things you can do to minimize the water damage inside your home and prevent future roof leaks from happening.

Stop Further Water Damage
Once you know where exactly it is leaking, the goal is to minimize the damage as much as possible from inside your home. This includes electronics, hardwood flooring, beds, etc…

Collect the Water
We recommend that you put a bucket immediately underneath the leak to catch the water. If the water splashes onto the floor because of the water drops we also recommend that you have towels on the surfaces nearby. If the ceiling is bubbling puncture it with a sharp object so that trapped water is released into the bucket.

Dry All Belonging Affected
Once the leak is contained we recommend that you dry and dispose of anything that has come in contact with water. Not only will water produce a stain it will cause mould if not immediately removed or dried out. If the water damage is too much to handle we recommend that you call a Remediation Company that has all the tools and materials to handle the situation.

Call an Experienced Roofing Contractor to Fix The Roof Leak
Once you have the water damage inside your home under control, it’s time to call a Roof Leak Repair Company. Here are a few tips to hire the right roofing company. First, check out their reputation online. Second, do they have all the appropriate licensing and insurance to do the work? Protect yourself! Finally, get a feel for the roofing contractor just by having a couple of questions ready about the process.

Ask Your Roofing Contractor for a Roof Assessment and Roof Maintenance

After your Roof Leak has been repaired, we recommend that you ask your Roofing Contractor for an overall Roof Assessment and ask if Roof Maintenance is needed. The benefit of roof maintenance is to keep your roof in good condition and it also minimizes future unexpected roof leaks from happening again! The Roof Assessment will go a long way by preventing costly exterior and interior work, and also prevent paying premium emergency service costs!

In Conclusion
By following these steps we are sure that you will be prepared to handle the majority of roof leaks and any other type of emergency roofing services that may come your way. When in doubt or do not feel comfortable call your local Roofing Contractor immediately and they will be more than happy to help you through the process from start to finish!