When it comes to a balanced roofing ventilation system, the performance of your roofing system and the comfort level of living in your home can be greatly influenced by it. Even if the best roofing system is installed it will not perform to its best if the roof is not venting properly! 

When it comes to ventilation the roofing contractor’s objective should be to achieve a balanced ventilation approach. How does this happen? Intake vents at the eaves allow cool air from outside to draw into the attic, while exhaust vents close to the ridge of the roof allow hot air out of the attic into the environment. What is a balanced ventilation system? It is the equal distribution of intake and exhaust venting. It helps optimize air exchange causing roofing systems to last a lot longer and also to make living in the home a lot more comfortable.  

In conclusion, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that there are several benefits to a balanced venting approach. It may cost the homeowner more money because of the extra labour and materials to correct and achieve a balanced ventilation system. However, it is worth the cost in terms of the longer-term benefits it provides. As stated before, balanced ventilation keeps the occupants living comfortably and contributes to a roofing system working to its full capacity. Hence, when interviewing a roofing contractor do not hesitate to ask if your roof’s ventilation system is adequate and balanced.