The key to great-looking roof shingles begins with the surface they are applied to. We will be writing about deck preparation and replacement, this is one of the first steps in the roofing process.

When removing old roof shingles it is important that the exposed nails are removed or that they are nailed down flush to the roof deck surface. It is essential to make all the necessary repairs to the existing roof deck. A warped or uneven roofing surface is difficult to work with and can make the roofing project look unprofessional.

The deck should be applied in a staggered pattern, bridged across roof rafters or roof trusses. We always replace rotten, damaged or warped wood; in addition, if too much wood needs to be repaired the last resort is to re-sheath the whole roof surface.

In conclusion, once a solid roof deck is installed your chances of getting a great-looking and performing roof are drastically increased.