As you may be aware, the cold and snowy Canadian winter is just around the corner! Your flat or shingled roof is at increased risk of snowy, rainy and cold temperatures. A thorough roof maintenance is highly recommended before the harsh Canadian winter months. Whether you are a homeowner or own a building, right now is the best time to winterize your roof.

One of the biggest risks comes from failing to attend to needed roof repairs and maintenance on your roof. Failing to point out these roof deficiencies and not fixing them can lead to the reduction of your roof’s longevity. As a law in life, preventative maintenance is key to longevity and your roof is no different.

What are some of the roof defects to look out for? Defects to look out for are defects in rubber and metal flashings, sealant and mastic failures, splits and cracks on the roofing membrane; and debris on your roof. These are some of the several defects that may currently exist on your roof and you may have no idea that they exist. Our advice is a thorough inspection and roof maintenance to determine the current condition and to remedy potential roof problems before they cause major damage in the winter months.

Whether you do it yourself or are hiring an experienced roofing contractor, the selection is yours, either way, make sure you winterize your roof. Roof maintenance of your flat or shingled roof is key to protecting you from all the elements. Do not hesitate to contact Luso Roofing at (647) 866-6213, we offer inspection and roof maintenance for those who are in need and would like to learn more.