Having proper roofing ventilation is critical when installing a new roof. Why is ventilation so important? Without it, moisture builds up in the attic and can lead to deck rot, mould, mildew, buckled shingles, and ice damming in the winter. In addition, a lack of proper ventilation violates building codes and may void the roof warranty for some shingle manufacturers. 

To create a balanced venting system the air has to circulate well. Every inch of air that exhausts out must be offset by an equal amount of air coming in through the intake vents. To equalize air intake and air exhaust; intake vents should be installed at the edges of the roof and the exhausts should be installed near the peaks of the roof. This creates naturally occurring stacking effect pressure. Hot air rises due to its low pressure and exhausts through the exults vents at the ridge of the roof. Hence, cooler and drier air is pulled in through the soffit vents.

Why is ventilation important? During warm weather heat can build up in the attic, hence, elevating temperatures in a home’s living space as well as its roofing structures. Therefore, dispersing and regulating this heat and humidity from the attic through a balanced ventilation system provides a more comfortable living environment. 

What are the benefits you ask? It lowers cooling costs and reduces the extreme cycles of hot and cold to extend the life of the roof. Keep in mind, that humidity is often the greater problem. Even in cold weather moisture buildup in the attic can create some severe issues such as attaching to structural elements and limiting the life of the roof and attic components. Excess moisture can extend the damage to ceilings and walls. Also, saturating insulation reduces its effectiveness by up to forty percent, which raises heating and cooling costs. 

Without a properly balanced ventilation system, warm air can heat up the roof causing snow to melt and drip into the eaves where it refreezes forming damaging ice dams. Ice dams can cause leaks into the attic and leak down the ceilings.

In conclusion, a Luso Roofing ventilation system will help protect your investment and keep you and your family members comfortable all year long! For more information about proper roofing ventilation call our number directly at 647-866-6213.