When it comes to roofing, even the highest-performing roofing systems will not deliver their most optimal performance if the other roofing-related components are insufficient.  Hence, ice damming is a symptom of something that isn’t functioning properly. 

What is a Roof Ice Dam?

An ice dam is the build-up of ice near the eaves that over time may back up under shingles causing leakage in your home and attic. How does this happen? The snow melts because of the heat in the attic; it then freezes causing ice to build up on the edges. Ice dams even slow down the shedding of water off your roof and in some instances even back it up.

Causes of Ice Damming

Poor Attic Insulation. When there isn’t enough insulation in our attic all the warm air inside your home escapes in the the attic and through the roof.

Lack of Ventilation. When there isn’t enough cool air being transported into the attic and/or not enough warm air being carried out of the attic. 

How to Prevent From Ice Dams Happening?

The first proactive measure is to make sure your Roofing Contractor installs an Ice and Water Protector underlayment when your roof is being replaced. Second, make sure to have a balanced ventilation system that has an equal distribution of intake and exhaust vents. Third, please make sure that your attic insulation is up to code and that the soffits are cleared of blockage for air intake.