The  common question we get asked by property owners is, “What shingle and flat roofing material brands do you use?” To some degree, this may be an important factor in getting better-quality materials installed on your roof.

We usually tell the property owner that we can install whatever type of roofing material brand they prefer, however, we believe that experience and workmanship is more important question to ask than what type of roofing product brand you install. Time and time again, we get called into Emergency Roof Repairs where the best roofing products and brands are installed poorly by other roofers. Unfortunately, properties and home owners sometimes find out that their roofs after a couple of years are already experiencing some deficiencies!

Here is Luso Roofing’s tip for homeowners… ask how many years the Toronto Roofing Company has been in business and how many years of experience their workers have that will be working on your roof. In addition, property owners should also ask if the Toronto Roofing Contractor has Liability Insurance, WSIB and is Certified in Working at Heights.