Handnail-Shingle-Roofs-Toronto-Shingle- Roofing

We “Handnail” all of our asphalt shingle roofs. We believe that it’s the best way to put on a roof, so that’s what we do!

There’s a lot of guys that will argue the case that we can gun nail it right and you can. However, you have to take your time to make sure the compressor is set at the right psi. In addition, they have to make sure they putting the right nails in at the right location, at the right depth, not arching, and making sure that they do not blow into the shingle and go all the way through the shingles.

It’s important that if you are going to gun it, you are taking your time, and you’re putting in the nails properly. However, to take away all those concerns,  thats why we hand nail and don’t use nail guns.