Roof maintenance has been a common request for Luso Roofing and Contracting. Good roof maintenance starts with an inspection and evaluation of diverse components of the building or house. Roof inspections and maintenance are required at a minimum once a year, however, some will even propose twice a year in the spring and fall. When properly conducted, a roof inspection can pinpoint the majority of the roof deficiencies before they become major problems!

Before starting roof maintenance, a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the building should be carried out, while inspecting the rooftop should follow. Examining them both is important because they may be related to issues on the roof.

Examining The Exterior Of The Building

The exterior walls should be examined, especially near perimeter wall flashing because these are areas that show initial signs of roofing problems. Water and moisture signs on exterior components can indicate signs of leakage in drip edges/gravel stops, roof copings, and metal flashings. Therefore, exterior components should be examined for signs of moisture and deficiencies.

Examining The Interior Of The Building

Examining the interior of the building is always great to do because signs of water stains can be found on the ceilings and walls. It also allows the contractor to examine the condition of the existing roof deck. If a leak occurs near HVAC units and plumbing, the respective contractors may need to be contacted as well. Hence, not all building leaks are roof leaks.

Examining The Roof

The primary purpose of roof maintenance is to identify and correct any minor roof defects before they become major roof failures. Several components of the flat roof are to be checked during the roof inspection such as; rubber roof flashings, metal roof flashing, plumbing stacks, exhaust vents, and any mechanical equipment penetrating through the roof. In addition, making sure terminations and openings are all sealed with caulking or elastomeric mastics is very important.

To conclude, good roof maintenance starts with a thorough roof inspection. Not only does the rooftop need to be examined but the interior and exterior of the build or house need to be inspected as well.