At Luso Roofing, roofing is more than just shingles, it’s a system. At Luso Roofing it’s a lifetime roofing system! Every component works together for robustness, resistance and peace of mind. Here is how it takes place.

To start, everything comes off right down to the roof deck. Once down to the exposed roof deck Luso Roofing checks for damaged decking and makes the necessary repairs and retrofits. Then, layers of protection go on before your new shingles. Ice and water shield helps seal your most vulnerable areas from wind-driven rain and ice. Synthetic underlayment keeps your roof protected and durable. Starter strips are applied to the rakes and eaves to create a good seal at the edges and protect against wind uplift. 

Therefore, all this protection is the foundation for the lifetime shingles that you choose to install. When it comes to roof shingles, you have a lot of choices in colours and styles. It is appealing, however, there is more that needs to be done. Metal vents, metal chimney flashings and metal valleys are usually situated in extremely vulnerable areas for possible leaks. These components need to be installed with skillful execution. 

Here it is, your Luso Roofing Lifetime Roofing System! It’s done with a lifetime of roofing experience; and the use of good quality materials put together to get a lifetime of protection. It’s all from Luso Roofing who was been in business for more than two decades.