When your roof shows signs of damage, it can be difficult to know when a roof repair is all that you will need or if your best long-term interest is to get your roof replaced. If this is something that you are unsure of asking your roofing contractor for their professional opinion is a good idea! There are many factors to consider when deciding whether you should get a roof repair or roof replacement. We are confident that evaluating these considerations will make your decision easier to make between repairing or replacing your roof. Let’s go ahead and discuss these factors!

Age of Roof. Do you know when your roof was last replaced? If the roof is near the end of its lifespan it might be a good idea to have a plan of action to get it replaced immediately. However, if your roof is not too old and you are experiencing roof problems for the first time it might be in your best interest to try to get it fixed first.  

Roof Leaks. Is your roof leaking? Homeowners usually notice that they have issues with their roofs when they see water or signs of water inside their homes. Finding the source of the roof leak can be tricky, however, a good roofing contractor can help you out with that! As we had mentioned for the age of your roof, if this is your first roof leak it might be a good idea to just repair it since it may only be one section of your roof that needs fixing. However, if there are several leaks or the roofing contractor is concerned about the workmanship or materials on your roof then a roof replacement might be the best approach going forward.  

Severity of Roof Damage. Is the damage on your roof minor or severe? When considering if a roof needs a roof replacement, one sign is that the roof’s physical appearance is starting to look degraded. For example, the shingles look like they are losing colour, curling and missing tabs just to name a few signs. However, if you call a roofing company and their staff say that the roof damage is minor, it may be in your best interest to get your roof repaired instead. 

Budget. The most obvious thing to consider in deciding between roof replacement and roof repair is your budget! We have seen many situations where roof repairs were the only option since the homeowners did not have sufficient funds for a full roof replacement. In general, roof repairs will cost you a little bit of money in comparison to a roof replacement, however, keep in mind if roof repairs become frequent the costs can climb up to a big portion of what it would cost to replace your roof. If financing is a problem it may be a good idea to ask your roofing contractor if they offer roof financing options.

In conclusion, next time it comes to deciding between repairing or replacing your roof you can analyze all these different considerations before picking which option to go forward with. You now can evaluate all these different factors and make a calculated decision on whether you should repair or replace your roof.