Rainwater may be the most common cause of roof damage, however, homeowners should be aware that strong winds can expose all the deficiencies of a poorly installed roof! From time to time, Luso Roofing gets called in for an emergency roof repair in Toronto and the GTA. In this scenario, we went on to the roof and found a huge portion of the flat roofing membrane flipped over. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have been called in to fix this!

What was the problem with the previous roof installation you ask? The answer is simple, there was no proper framing put in place for the perimeter metal flashing to be nailed into. Therefore, the wind hit the perimeter flashing and since the perimeter was not fastened correctly the metal perimeter flashing along with the roofing membrane flipped over, hence, leaving the roof exposed to rainwater and a leaky roof! What you want to do is nail or screw in 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 wood studs throughout the perimeter of the roof deck so that when the perimeter metal flashing is eventually nailed in, it is nailed into the wood studs.

In conclusion, preventative maintenance of your roof should be done every couple of years. Calling an experienced roofer is important because he or she may find troubled areas on your roof that you may not notice or even have access to.