Torch Roofing Toronto

While giving a roof estimate to a Toronto resident recently, we were told by the homeowner that an unlicensed roofer was charged with causing a fire at a semi-detached home a couple of streets over! One form of building fire can be caused by roofers using an open-flame torch to install modified bitumen or roll roofing.

Torch-down roofing should only be applied on flat or low-slopped roofs. The process of torch-down roofing is popular with Luso Roofing, and other roofing contractors; mainly because of its ease of application and adaptability. Torch-down roofing may be easy to work with, however, it can be extremely dangerous as well!

It is extremely easy to make a mistake with an open flame that may result in a disaster. The Ontario Ministry Of Labour has developed fire protection and prevention rules which are some of the following:

  • A fire extinguisher must be on-site and close by
  • The torch must be well away from flammable liquids, materials, and debris
  • The roofer or owner should stay behind 30 minutes after the torch job is done for the day