Roof Upkeep

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Introducing the Luso Roofing Roof Upkeep

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Replacing your roof is expensive. Why should you have to spend that much? Why spend thousands installing a new roof when simple roof upkeep is all you need?

We have a better way.

Roof upkeep is designed to help you diagnose problems with your roof before they become larger issues. You don’t need to replace your entire roof over a minor issue.

Roof upkeep is great for fixing:
• Damaged or missing shingles
• Fixing minor leaks
• Identifying and sealing flat roof blisters
• Maintaining and cleaning eavestroughs
• Sealing wall and chimney flashings
• Repairing minor leaks with skylights
• Fixing damage from unwanted pests
• Replacing and fixing siding issues
• Re-securing, installing, and sealing vents
• Minor soffit and fascia issues
• General winter snow and ice removal

Our general roof upkeep service provides you peace of mind and helps you identify problems before they become costly. You paid a lot of money for your house, take the time to protect your purchase and make sure that your roof is problem free. We believe in fixing, not replacing.

Roof upkeep starts with a general assessment of your roof, this includes:
• Checking the overall integrity of your roof
• Identifying any leaks, problem areas, and general concerns
• Providing you with our recommendation on how to tackle the repairs

Our roof UPKEEPcomes with:

• Evaluation of Roof
• Fixing/Retrofitting Shingles
• Secure Loose Flashings
• Seal Roof Flashings
• Reseal Roof Jacks and Roof Vents
• Seal Exposed Nail Heads
• Remove Debris
• Declog downspouts
• Patching Any Broken Seams
• Provide Before/After Tune up Photos

In the case that larger issues are found, we will walk you through the problem, show you your options, and provide you with our recommendation.

Be proactive with your roof

Roof upkeep is a lot cheaper than replacing your roof.
When it comes to your roof, you want to catch any minor problems while they are still small. A minor leak can quickly turn into a larger problem if it isn’t caught early enough.
That’s where we step in. Luso Roofing helps you maintain a healthy roof, saving you thousands of dollars and extending the lifetime of your roof.