Roof Assessment

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Roof Assessment

Your roof takes care of you! It is your turn to return that favour with a Roof Assessment that may stop water damage and prevent costly emergency roof repairs. Luso Roofing provides Roof Assessments by inspecting around your whole roof, we search for any potential roof weaknesses.

Luso Roofing takes a holistic approach to not just the areas of the roof that need immediate roof repair but also providing a preventative roofing solution for the rest of the roof when executing the Roof Assessment. Our Roof Assessment Reports are visual and comprehensive. They are great to keep for your roof records and to share with others if need be.

Before any decision on the need for a new roof or repairing the existing roof, it is recommended that roofing customers assess the roof by a roofing specialist.

Concerned About Your Roof? a Thorough Roof Assessment May Be What Your Need!

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Comprehensive Roof Assessment

A comprehensive roof assessment requires knowledge, experience and decades invested in the roofing trade. In addition, using photography and documentation to show the customer what was found during the Roof Assessment always eases the point of communication and trust!

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Luso Roofing Provides Expert Roof Assessment Services

For two decades, Luso Roofing has helped customers in Toronto and the GTA have roofs that can stand the test of time! Luso Roofing provides expert roof assessment services, which is offered for residential, commercial and industrial roofing systems and roofing designs. The following are just some of the roofing services that go hand-in-hand with the roof assessment:

  • Roof Inspection Checklist

  • Residential Roof Consulting

  • Commercial Roof Consulting

  • Industrial Roof Consulting

  • Roof Management and Maintenance

  • Roof Repairs Services

  • Roof Asset Management


Luso Roofing provides a detailed Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Roof Assessment Report accompanied by photography, documentation and drawings.

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