When you choose a new roof, you want to be convinced that the roof shingles you choose not only boost the curb appeal of your home but protect your house against bad weather like strong winds and heavy rain. When it comes to choosing the right roof shingle to protect your home we recommend the performance roof shingles. 

Performance roof shingles are laminated asphalt shingles that are heavier in weight. They typically have a wide reinforced nailing zone that is 1 1/4 inches, which provides incredible fastening power and helps resist nails pulling through the roof shingle even with extremely high winds. Many performance roof shingles also have a fast-lock sealant on them to fight against high winds. 

The best thing about installing performance roof shingles as well is that we only need to install four nails per shingle to get a 210 km wind roof warranty. With four hand nails installed per shingle, you can be reassured that your roof is ready for the wrath of Mother Nature!

In addition, you also want your new roof to compliment your house and add curb appeal. Performance roof shingles come in a wide variety of colours. They do their best to mimic the natural colours of your house and landscape. Performance roof shingles provide high-definition colour blends that will make your home the envy of the neighbourhood!

Ask Luso Roofing & Contracting today for more information on the performance roofing shingle. Let us protect your house from high winds and other inclement weather that poses a risk to your home.