If you are hiring a home inspector, you want to ask them a bunch of questions before hiring them. First, asked them how they plan to inspect the roof. If they do not use a ladder or at minimum get up there to visually inspect the roof do not hire them! The roof is one of the most important components of your home, and it protects your house or building from the harsh weather in Toronto, Canada.

Home inspectors state that the most common problem they encounter when inspecting roofs is the misuse of nail guns. Quite often they find and inspect roofs that have been re-shingled or new houses that have been recently shingled where nails are not fastened properly.

A lot of people pay roofers a lot of money for roof work, they use nail guns, they rush through the job and the nails aren’t properly fastened. Quite often home inspectors will see nail holes penetrated up through the shingles and nails that are exposed when they are supposed to be covered. These mistakes lead to premature roof failure and maybe even roof leakage. This is something many home inspectors stress about that people need to know!

Again, if you are going to hire a home inspector, please make sure that they check your roof as best as they can. It is one area of the building component that you don’t want to skip out on in inspecting!