Roof Inspections

Why Should I get Get My Roof Inspected?

At Luso Roofing, we recommend property owners having their roofs inspected on a regular basis. It is like going to your family doctor for your regular check up! The goal is to catch any health issues early on before they become bigger and more serious problems.

The Older Your Roof, The More Sensitive It Is?

Even though your roofing materials and roofing components appear to look fine, a thorough Roof Inspection may find less obvious issues that it may have. A more detailed and close up Roof Inspection can help identify areas of concern on your roof. A professional roofer can point out areas on your roof that may lead to more costly and further roof damage!

Understanding the importance of getting you roof checked up once a year or at minimum every couple of years is crucial!

Be a step ahead and schedule a preventative Roof Inspection to avoid potential costly repairs or an extensive complete roof replacement.

Luso Roofing can provide a detailed roof inspection of your property. Contact our team of roofing experts now online or call 647-866-6213 to book a Roof Inspection.